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How Jürgen got his supporters?

Jürgen has found many supporters and companies that help him. We asked some questions about his supporters and how he has managed to find them. Of course he didn’t want to reveal his secrets…

Here is Jürgens profile – www.sportlio.com/jurgen-kulm

1.How many supporters do you have?

Many people nad companies have helped me. These are the companies who have helped me: Pombel Fruits, Veski Mati, Germund, Loodusvägi, Ravisport Füsioteraapia (Uku Leht), Boost Yourself, Organics, Rhumveld, A&T Sport, Kadarbiku, Eugesta As, Sportlio. But my number one supporters are my family members. They support me mentally, what is really important for an athlete. A good athelete has to be strong physically and mentally.

2. How many sponsors do you have?

At the moment I have 4 sponsors: Veski Mati (food), Ravisport Füsioteraapia (Uku Leht) (physiotherapy), Sportlio (sports products) and Organics (food).

3. Has Sportlio been helpful of finding sponsors and supporters?

Thanks to Sportlio I started cooperating with Ravisport Füsioteraapia. Sportlio´s owner Mikk Meerents reccomended them to me. Physiotherapist Uku Leht agreed to help me “tune my body” so I can achieve my goals and to me physically in tip-top shape.

4. Have you recently found new sponsor/supporter?

Last week Veski Marti agreed to support me. Now I have a lot of oats, millet, barley etc for some while. Now I can wake up every morning knowing that I can eat as much oatmeal as I want.

5. How did you contact those sponsors and supporters?

I’m not going to write about that (everyone has their own tricks).

6. What kind of advice would you give to someone who is looking for support?

The most important thing when you are looking for sponsors is that you have aim why you are asking for help. And remember every kind of support is important and useful! Money isn´t always the most imporant thing.


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Sportlio team

Top 10 profiles – September


Here are most visited profiles in September. We are happy to see here Tradehouse Ilukaubamaja company. At the moment they are going through all the scholarship applications you guys sent to them and they select couple of athletes between whom 20 000€ will be divided. If they have selected athletes we will also make a post about this and let you know who were the lucky ones. Also it is awesome to see that 2 athletes we are sponsoring are most visited profiles in September! This assures us that we have made right choice and people want to know more about these athletes.

  1. Jürgen Külm – Long distance runner
  2. Eleri Etverk – Triathlon
  3. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 400mH
  4. Marti Medar – Long distance runner
  5. Kreete Verlin – 100mH
  6. Hendrik Kalme – Wrestling
  7. Tradehouse Ilukaubamaja – Sponsoring company
  8. Olivia Utz – Pole vault
  9. Jonathan Espana – Soccer
  10. Anette Hallik – Triathlon

Jürgen Külm signed sponsorship contract with Sportlio

We are very happy to start supporting new athlete – Jürgen Külm (19). He is second athlete so far Sportlio has started to sponsor. Sponsorship agreement was made for 1 year.

Jürgen has been active athlete in Sportlio and has caught a lot of attention using his athlete profile – www.sportlio.com/jurgen-kulm. He has shown attitude towards presenting sponsors and he is posting about his cooking (healthy and natural). So if you wish to get some ideas what healthy you could cook then Jürgen is your guy. He is also posting how the meal was made so that is handy. To get notifications to your email whenever Jürgen adds new post or result just become his fan! Lot of users have said that it is one of the most useful tools in Sportlio. It saves time and you can keep updated with all athletes you follow. Try it yourself!

Jürgen started his career as a voleyball player but found his way to track and field many years ago. His moto is to eat healthy, sleep long and train hard! He believes that hard work beats talent. His idols are Mo Farah, Isaiah Thomas, David Rudisha and Scott Jurek.

Here you go, this is pro runner Jürgen! Good luck!

Eleri Etverk signed sponsorship contract with Sportlio

Sportlio signed first ever sponsorship contract! We have decided to sponsor professional triathlete Eleri Etverk (19). Sponsorship agreement was made for 1 year. Eleri has been active athlete in Sportlio and has shown good results this year. She will be keeping you all updated with her career through Sportlio profile – www.sportlio.com/eleri-etverk. If you wish to get notifications to your email whenever Eleri adds new post or result become her fan! Lot of users have said that it is one of the most useful tools in Sportlio. It saves time and you can keep updated with all athletes you follow. Try it yourself!

Eleri is young talented triathlete from Rakvere (Estonia). She first went to training when she was 7 years old. At the age of 13 she was guided to try out triathlon and has been training and competing ever since.

We hope Eleri will have awesome year and we wish her all the best!

(Picture was taken in the awesome TSG stadium)


Tradehouse 2017 scholarship for 20 000€

Tradehouse is accepting new applications for their annual scholarship where 20 000€ will be divided between athletes. This is already 5th time and the total sum is reaching over 100 000€! Amazing company is Tradehouse because they have supported so many athletes during this time. Actually you can see the list here.

So if you are athlete below age of 27 then you can apply for the scholarship. Here is the link – Tradehouse Scholarship. Unfortunately it is only for Estonian athletes.

Sportlio team is very happy to work with Tradehouse and help them to spread the word! Good luck to all athletes!

Top 10 profiles – August


Summer has gone so quickly and lots of athletes have few competitions left in this season. Most visited athlete was “Jack” who has had somewhat difficult season because of some struggles. His last competition was Summer Universiade in Taipei that didn’t go as well as he hoped. Second place managed to get newcomer Jonathan who is soccer player in USA. Third most visited athlete in August was Jürgen’s who has written about his competitions very well.

  1. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 400mH
  2. Jonathan Espana – soccer
  3. Jürgen Külm – long distance running
  4. Kertu Laak –  pro volleyball
  5. Kreete Verlin – 100mH
  6. Eleri Etverk – triathlon
  7. Janek Õiglane – decathlon
  8. Samuli Eriksson – high jump
  9. Marti Medar – long distance running
  10. Risto – decathlon

Top 10 profiles – June


Season has its full throttle on and we see awesome athletes sharing their competition results. In the first place we find an athlete, who has shared his career with us for a long time now and has managed to get lots of people interested about his career.

Here are most visited profiles in June:

  1. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 400mH
  2. Erik Jagor – 400mH
  3. Jürgen Külm – long distance running
  4. Eleri Etverk – triathlon
  5. Kreete Verlin – 100mH
  6. Kertu Laak – volleyball
  7. Hendrik Kalme – wrestling
  8. Andreas Välis – greco-roman wrestling
  9. Marti Medar – long distance running
  10. Samuli Eriksson – high jump

Click here to view last month most visited profiles list.

If you want to share your competition results and career in Sportlio community then click here to create your own athlete page.

Strategy that makes makes you perform better!

Did you know that some people might see exercise as easier or more difficult than others? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis has found 2 factors that influence this – vision and motivation. Using her strategy you can improve your performance!

She looked at people’s hip-to-waist circumference ratio – an objective assessment of people’s fitness. She then tested them in a race to a finish line while carrying weights, and beforehand each participant was asked to estimate how far away the finish line was. The results supported her idea: people who were fitter perceived the race as shorter than those who weren’t.

She followed up with a similar test on people’s motivation: those who had few fitness goals (unmotivated) vs those who were still striving. For those who were unmotivated, the results were similar to before; the fittest people saw the distance as shorter than the unfit. For the motivated group, they saw the opposite: fitter people saw the distance as further. People’s motivation and fitness were both influencing their perception of the difficulty of a physical challenge.

Emily wanted to see if we can learn anything from this – to improve our motivation or fitness by perceiving things differently. The strategy she suggests is “Keep your eye on the prize”. People have to stay focused on the finish line, look at it in the center of their vision and avoid looking elsewhere. When she retested, people adopting this strategy saw the finish as 30% closer than those who didn’t. She made the challenge more difficult by adding more weights (15% of their body weight), and afterwards the “eye on prize” people reported it was 17% easier than the control group. They also moved 23% faster. This is a simple, free strategy that makes exercise easier, and makes people perform better.


Top 10 profiles – May


Summer is starting and with that many athletes have their first competitions of season. Good luck out there! Here are most visited profiles in April.

As you can see that May was dominated by runners 🙂

  1. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 400mH
  2. Jürgen Külm – long distance running
  3. Marti Medar – long distance running
  4. Kreete Verlin – 100mH
  5. Erik Jagor – 400mH
  6. Mate Mišković – 100m/200m
  7. Maarja Kalev – 100m/200m
  8. Ankita – long distance running
  9. Jan Jakobson – motocross
  10. Kertu Laak – volleyball

Previous month most popular profiles – www.blog.sportlio.com/top-10-profiles-april-2017