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Jürgen Külm – a chatty runner

Last month Jürgen Külm joined Sportlio and at the end of April, he was most visited athlete in Sportlio. Here is a little story about Jürgen.

Jürgen is a 19 year old runner from Võru, who has been assosciated with sports since he was a little boy. He has a versatile backround. Jürgen has played volleyball for 5 years and has practised running almost two years now. He is also a nutrition specialist and a great chef. When you need any advice, what you should or should not eat Jürgen is the right guy to ask advice from. His love for fruits and vegetabels can help you live a healthier life. His prime goal at the moment is long distance running, which he is addicted to and he hopes to be one of the best long distrance runners in Estonia in future.

Even though Jürgen has been running only for two years, he has achieved some noticable results: in Rakvere Night Run 21.1km 6th place (2016), Võrumaa pikamaajooksusari(Long distance runnig series) overall 3rd place (2016). Everyone has seen this young man running around in Võru. His idols are Mo Farah and Scott Jurek. „They have given me that extra boost a young athlete needs“ has Jürgen once said. Furthermore, family is really important for Jürgen. Ad Sheep, Võru Tantsukool and A&T SPORT are all connected with Jürgen´s family members and have helped Jürgen a lot.

Jürgen is known for his love and big interest in sports. His decision to join Sportlio team was one of the best decisions he has made. He wants to help Sportlio as much as he can and make it more popular. Overall Jürgen is chatty,  purposeful, conscientious, good-natured. He always gives more than 100%.

Jürgen athlete profile – www.sportlio.com/jurgen-kulm

Top 10 profiles – April


Here are most visited profiles in April. Most visited profile this month was Jürgen, who just recently joined us. Awesome job!

  1. Jürgen Külm – long distance running
  2. Kreete Verlin – track&field (100mH)
  3. Kertu Laak – pro volleyball
  4. Eleri Etverk – triathlon
  5. Kevin Vabaorg – triathlon
  6. Marti Medar – long distance running
  7. Mikk Meerents – track&field (high jump)
  8. Õilme Võro – track&field (100m, 200m)
  9. Maarja Kalev – track&field (100m, 200m)
  10. Jan Jakobson – motocross

 Getting to know the newest Sportlio member Marti Medar

We have new team meber. Here is little information about him. 


Marti is a 20 year old young man, who has been assosciated with sports, since he was a child. His background is also really versatile. He has played basketball for 10 years and chess 6 years. Even though he doesn’t take basketball and chess seriously anymore, you can still see him every now and then playing basketball or competing in chess tournaments. But right now, he is all in for long distance running, a sport which he has been training now for 3,5 years.


Even though Marti has run only for a couple of years, he has achieved some noticable results. He is a 6x Estonian Junior champion, National champion in 4x1500m relay (2016) and the winner of Rakvere Night Run 10km, the biggest running competition in the Baltic region, besides SEB Tallinn marathon. And speaking of SEB Tallinn marathon, in 2015 Marti broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon while dribbling a basketball at the same competition. It took him 3 hours, 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Add all that and 4 Estonian national titles, 9th place in U-18 European rapid chess championships (2014) in chess – this guy does it all.


Because of his love and big interest in sports, he’s decision to join Sportlio team was a no-brainer. Overall he is more than excited to meet new people. He wants to help Sportlio as much as he can and elevate it to the next level. Overall Marti is a serious, funny, outgoing guy but he is more than focused, when it comes to serious tasks. 

Top 10 profiles – March

We are happy to see first football team in our top 10 list. We have had basketball team (TLÜ/KALEV) here before. Keila JK joined middle of month and made it to 4th place. That is awesome!

  1. Kreete Verlin – track&field (100mH)
  2. Kertu Laak – pro volleyball
  3. Mikk Meerents – track&field (high jump)
  4. Keila JK – football team
  5. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – track&field (400mH)
  6. Hsieh Kaylin Sin Yan – fencing
  7. Maarja Kalev – track&field (100m,200m)
  8. Marti Medar – track&field (long distance running)
  9. Õilme Võro – track&field (100m,200m)
  10. Erik Jagor – track&field (400mH)

Last month most popular athlete list – blog.sportlio.com/top-10-profiles-february

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ERGO 25 000€ scholarship for young athletes

We are happy to welcome ERGO Insurance SE to Sportlio! They have chosen us to spread the word about 25 000€ scholarship for athletes.

“ERGO Noorte Sportlaste Stipendium” is for Estonian athletes age 18-25 and applications can be sent till 26th of March. The scholarship fund will be divided by winners. The aim of this scholarship is to help and support athletes preparation for international competitons. Scholarship is meant for covering training or competition related traveling costs and for buying new equipment.

Last year ERGO scholarship winners were:

  1. Ralf Tribunsov
  2. Marten Liiv
  3. Erika Kirpu
  4. K.Tammiste/A.M. Sepp
  5. Meril Beilmann
  6. Kristjan Ilves
  7. K.Kuuba/H.Rüütel
  8. Kreete Verlin
  9. Marie Turmann

More information about details – www.ergo.ee/ergo/ergo-toetab/ergo-noorte-sportlaste-stipendium-2017

Visit ERGO profile for more information – www.sportlio.com/companies/ergo-kindlustus

Top 10 profiles – February

Here are most visited profiles in February. Win goes to 2 brothers – Erik and Jaak-Heinrich! Go “team Jagor! Congratulations to Mate Miškovič for making first time to this list :). You can also find 2 best Estonian volleyball players here. 

  1. Erik Jagor – track&field (400m/400mH)
  2. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – track&field (400mH)
  3. Kertu Laak – volleyball
  4. Õilme Võro – track&field (100m/200m)
  5. Mate Miškovič – track&field (sprint)
  6. Maarja Kalev – track&field (100m/200m)
  7. Kreete Verlin – track&field (100mH)
  8. Kadi Kullerkann – volleyball
  9. Kevin Vabaorg – triathlon
  10. Marti Medar – track&field (long distance running)

Last month most popular athlete list – blog.sportlio.com/top-10-profiles-january

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Welcome FysioArt

We are happy to welcome FysioArt to Sportlio! They are new health and wellness related private practice in Ülemiste City, Tallinn. They have capable massuers, physiotherapists and a chiropractor working here and in addition we cooperate with specialists from sports psychology, occupation health, and  health tests.

FysioArt (founded in 2016) is a place where one comes willingly and where everybody finds what they are looking for whether they are mothers, fathers, children, working people, recreational, young or elite athletes. Visit their profile – www.sportlio.com/companies/fysioart.

They are supporting Erik Jagor who is part of “team Jagor” with his brother Jaak-Heinrich.

In March Sportlio athletes get 20% discount from all services! – www.fysioart.ee/en/news/sportlio-kasutajatele-soodustus-fysioartis


Become better!




Hamsting injury prevention

Hamstring injury is very common injury along with athletes who need to be fast. Hamstring is a muscle group located at the back of your tight. In many times reason behind pulled hamstring is imbalance between hamstrings and the quadriceps. Reugular strengthening helps you to prevent it and also makes you faster. You should to 2-3 times a week one of the strengthening exercises show in the video. 

Here are great exercises to strengthen your hamstrings:

Articles to get more information about hamstring related information: