Top 10 profiles – September


Here are most visited profiles in September. We are happy to see here Tradehouse Ilukaubamaja company. At the moment they are going through all the scholarship applications you guys sent to them and they select couple of athletes between whom 20 000€ will be divided. If they have selected athletes we will also make a post about this and let you know who were the lucky ones. Also it is awesome to see that 2 athletes we are sponsoring are most visited profiles in September! This assures us that we have made right choice and people want to know more about these athletes.

  1. Jürgen Külm – Long distance runner
  2. Eleri Etverk – Triathlon
  3. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 400mH
  4. Marti Medar – Long distance runner
  5. Kreete Verlin – 100mH
  6. Hendrik Kalme – Wrestling
  7. Tradehouse Ilukaubamaja – Sponsoring company
  8. Olivia Utz – Pole vault
  9. Jonathan Espana – Soccer
  10. Anette Hallik – Triathlon