Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – January 2020

Hi and welcome to 2020 first top 10 list! We were very happy to see olympic athlete Jaak-Heinrich again in this list because he is athlete who writes really well (in estonian, sorry). But also we are happy to see Ancel in our list because he is rifle shooter and we haven’t had any athlete from this event here before. Actually Ancel contacted us and we added rifle sports as a event category. So all other rifle sport athletes are also welcome.

Here are most visited athletes from January:

  1. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) – #TeamSportlio
  2. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor (400mH) –
  3. Silja Jürs (long distance running) –
  4. Katrin Zaitseva (triathlon) – #TeamSportlio
  5. Christin-Amani Kiivikas (bikini-fitness) –
  6. Ancel Aloysius (rifle shooting) –
  7. Matz Topkin (swimming) –
  8. Kreete Verlin (100mh) –
  9. Milana Bjelogrlic (boxing) –
  10. Cevin Anders Siim (swimming) –

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