Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – Januar

Hi! We hope that you have been able to keep on training despite the situation. We hope that you all have some sort of competitions you can participate. But here are January’s most visited athletes. If you missed our last year summary, the click here.

  1. Silja Paulus (long distance running) –
  2. Anete Randma (middle and long distance) –
  3. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) –
  4. Ralph Rupert Nigul (middle distance running) –
  5. Kaitlyn (volleyball) –
  6. Lauri Pihlak (long distance running) –
  7. Kreete Verlin (100mh) –
  8. Keiso Pedriks (110mh) –
  9. Christin-Amani Kiivikas (fitness) –
  10. Katrin Zaitseva (triathlon) –

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