Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – December

Hi! This is list of most popular athletes in December 2020. Unfortunately for many countries the coronavirus situation is still quite bad and that postpones competition season. But we are happy to see athletes training outside and where ever they can. You can see that top 4 athletes are runners and that is awesome! If you missed November Top 10 list, then click here.

  1. Ralph Rupert Nigul (middle distance running) –
  2. Anete Randma (middle and long distance) –
  3. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) –
  4. Silja Paulus (long distance running) –
  5. Katrin Zaitseva (triathlon) –
  6. Devan Broom (basketball) –
  7. Nancy Highfield (sailing) –
  8. Romet Pajur (cycling) –
  9. Kreete Verlin (100mh) –
  10. Nimila Sasmitha (800m, 400m) –

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