Sportlio vs Facebook: profile views

With this post we would like to draw attention to profile views, whether they are in Sportlio or in Facebook.

It is clear, that to get attention in Facebook you will have to post something to your profile and then you get reactions to your post. If you don’t make new post once in awhile, then hoping for someone to visit your profile is time wasted. That is why, we haven’t made newsfeed in Sportlio, because we want visitors to go and explore athletes profiles. And when they do that, they will see your whole profile, including sponsors, previous posts and results. There is no rush to make new post.

                                                       sportlio_logo  vs facebook-logo-reversed

To make it simple, here is why someone could come and visit your profile:

Sportlio profile

  • he/she is interested about your results, career or just wanted information about you
  • he/she wanted to see, if you have sponsors
  • he/she saw your profile under “Explore” (we can promote you under Explore)
  • he/she googled your name and saw link to your profile (yes, we are well optimized for google)
  • he/she saw your profile link in promoting post in Sportlio FB page (we make promoting post about competitions where Sportlio athletes compete)

Facebook profile

  • he/she saw your post in Facebook newsfeed
  • he/she saw your post in Facebook newsfeed because somebody reacted to it (shared, liked, commented)
  • he/she is interested about your career or just wanted information about you

We hope, we didn’t miss anything. But in general, these are the reasons from where and why somebody visits your profile.

We recommend using Sportlio and Facebook both (and Instagram) if you want to reach to the widest range of audience. We even have function, that copies your post directly to your Facebook (or Twitter) profile so you don’t have to make multiple post.

(Here is previous comparison, that looks at big picture – )

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