New Feature – Athlete Recommendation

Athletes can now add products or services they recommend

We are happy to introduce new functionality to our site. Our goal creating this function was to help athletes get more cooperation with sponsors and therefore get more support. By adding products that athlete recommends athlete can show which equipment they use and recommend other to use as well.

Athlete recommends

How users see products/services athlete recommends


Athlete recommends mobile

In mobile view recommendation name is not displayed

How to add recommendation

Adding new recommendation as easy as adding sponsor. Athlete must be logged in and below post options there is button “Add new recommendation”. After clicking on the button module will pop up and there are 4 fields: Picture, Product/Service name, Discount code and Product/service URL. Picture and name are required to add recommendation. If sponsor has provided discount code make sure it is no longer than 13 characters. Otherwise it will not fully displayed.

How to add recommendation

How to add recommendation


We hope this new functionality will help athletes to improve relationships with sponsors and gives them more opportunities to cooperate.