Most visited profiles in 2018

2018 is over and in that means, it is time to sum up year and bring you the most visited profiles.

It has been a wonderful year for us and we hope for you also. If you have managed to get to top 10 most visited profiles in 2018 list, then you have done something right to attract visitors. For example Jürgen Külm has made most number of posts and therefore with each post he gained profile visitors. Jaak-Heinrich is olympic athlete and has gained public interest and Annemarii Bendi is young girl who has managed jump national record and is competing in nordic combined. We are very happy for Kätlin who competed in Berlin European Championships and has caught a lot of attention from fans. By many people she is claimed to be the most beautiful female discus thrower among current competitors.

Here are most visited athletes in 2018:

  1. Jürgen Kü
  2. Katrin
  3. Kreete
  4. Jaak-Heinrich
  5. Cevin Anders
  6. Kätlin Tõ
  7. Marti Medar
  8. Kevin
  9. Anette
  10. Annemarii

Here are most important companies for us who we have worked with. Lets keep the momentum! Thank You!