How Jürgen got his supporters?

Jürgen has found many supporters and companies that help him. We asked some questions about his supporters and how he has managed to find them. Of course he didn’t want to reveal his secrets…

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1.How many supporters do you have?

Many people nad companies have helped me. These are the companies who have helped me: Pombel Fruits, Veski Mati, Germund, Loodusvägi, Ravisport Füsioteraapia (Uku Leht), Boost Yourself, Organics, Rhumveld, A&T Sport, Kadarbiku, Eugesta As, Sportlio. But my number one supporters are my family members. They support me mentally, what is really important for an athlete. A good athelete has to be strong physically and mentally.

2. How many sponsors do you have?

At the moment I have 4 sponsors: Veski Mati (food), Ravisport Füsioteraapia (Uku Leht) (physiotherapy), Sportlio (sports products) and Organics (food).

3. Has Sportlio been helpful of finding sponsors and supporters?

Thanks to Sportlio I started cooperating with Ravisport Füsioteraapia. Sportlio´s owner Mikk Meerents reccomended them to me. Physiotherapist Uku Leht agreed to help me “tune my body” so I can achieve my goals and to me physically in tip-top shape.

4. Have you recently found new sponsor/supporter?

Last week Veski Marti agreed to support me. Now I have a lot of oats, millet, barley etc for some while. Now I can wake up every morning knowing that I can eat as much oatmeal as I want.

5. How did you contact those sponsors and supporters?

I’m not going to write about that (everyone has their own tricks).

6. What kind of advice would you give to someone who is looking for support?

The most important thing when you are looking for sponsors is that you have aim why you are asking for help. And remember every kind of support is important and useful! Money isn´t always the most imporant thing.


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