Add cover video to your profile – NEW function

You can now replace your cover image with video from Youtube! 

We have uploaded yesterday new function, where athlete can replace his/her cover image with video from Youtube. Simply copy and paste video URL to your profile in Step 3. You can add there introduction video where you talk about yourself and show overall what you are up to. Or you can replace your cover image with your record attempt. This has many benefits over the static image:

  1. Make better first impression – by adding video you can make a better start with your potential fan or sponsor. 
  2. Maintain longer contact – if your video is interesting or has fun factor you can maintain longer contact with visitors.
  3. Get more personal – you can forward personal message to all your fans, sponsors and visitor and get emotional contact. 
  4. Increase interest – videos are more fun than images and if visitor also likes what he/she sees, then he/she will look at the other information in your profile also. 
  5. Advertise sponsors – this is an excellent advertising place for your sponsors and supporters.