Why showing yourself as an athlete matters?

We think that athletes should be more active and show themselves. It is good for sport, sponsors and for YOU (athlete). We have talked to lots of companies, associations and athletes. Here is why showing yourself matters. If you like to train “hidden” and only display your sponsor’s logo on your t-shirt, then no one is Read more about Why showing yourself as an athlete matters?[…]

Top 10 athletes – November

Hi, This month we have new awesome athletes in our top 10 in addition to track&field and swimming athletes. So here is list of most visited athletes in November: Mikk Meerents – 357 Hendrik Kalme – 318(NEW) Õilme Võro – 313 Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 200 Erika Kirpu – 195(NEW) Taavi Merisalu – 179(NEW) Pjotr Degtjarjov Read more about Top 10 athletes – November[…]