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Christin-Amani Kiivikas – young bikini-fitness star!

Amani (18) joined our site on the second half of December but quickly got attention. She ranked 3rd in our December most visited athIetes list. If you look at her athlete profile (https://sportlio.com/christin-amani-kiivikas/) you can understand why people love her. The details make everything and keep people interested in her. For example she has most Read more about Christin-Amani Kiivikas – young bikini-fitness star![…]

Most Visited Profiles in 2019 – Here Are The Best!

Whoop whoop! It is time to recap 2019 and see who are the most visited athletes through the whole year. For us it has been another good year in terms of overall performance of our site. We have managed to get new and active athletes. If you compare this to 2018 most visited athletes then Read more about Most Visited Profiles in 2019 – Here Are The Best![…]

Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – December 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Can you believe it? It is January and another year has passed. You must be wondering who were the most visited athletes last year!? But before we are going to do 2019 statistics we have to look back on December and find out most visited athletes there. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) – sportlio.com/jurgen-kulm #TeamSportlio Read more about Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – December 2019[…]

Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – November 2019

Hi all athletes and sports fans! We are going to write here who were most visited athletes in November. Our site is becoming really popular among long distance runners. Top 3 places are athletes, who are enjoying running and write about their experiences. If you wish to see who were most visited athletes in previous Read more about Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – November 2019[…]

Post-Exercise Cold-Water Immersion: Does It Have Effect?

In this post we are going to talk about post-exercise cold-water immersion and if it does have any effect. This post is based on the James R. Broatch, Aaron Petersen and David J. Bishop article “The Influence of Post-Exercise Cold-Water Immersion Adaptive Responses to Exercise: A Review of the Literature”. Recovery from exercise refers to Read more about Post-Exercise Cold-Water Immersion: Does It Have Effect?[…]

Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – October

Hi! Our team is happy to present most visited athletes in October. We hope our site inspires you to train harder to achieve your goals. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) – sportlio.com/jurgen-kulm #TeamSportlio Kertu Laak (volleyball) – sportlio.com/kertu-laak Riho Kirsipuu (long distance running) – sportlio.com/riho-kirsipuu Silja Jürs (long-distance running) – sportlio.com/silja-jurs Sofia Geroiskaja (table tennis) – sportlio.com/sofia-geroiskaja Erik Guyer (track&field) – sportlio.com/erik-guyer Kevin Vabaorg Read more about Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – October[…]

Teraapialaegas – Sportlio uus koostööpartner

Teraapialaegas – turgutus nii kehale kui vaimule Sportlioga on liitunud järjekordne asjalik ja tubli ettevõte Teraapialaegas. Tegemist on Ülemiste tee 3, Tallinn asuva väikese ettevõtmisega, mida juhivad sportlastest abielupaar Silja ja Sander Jürs. Järgnevalt annamegi ülevaate pakutavatest teenustest ja toodetest, mis mõeldud nii kehale kui vaimule. Mitmetahuline aardekirst tervise-, harrastus- ja tippsportlastele Silja ja Sander Read more about Teraapialaegas – Sportlio uus koostööpartner[…]

Update! New Features and More

For a several months our team has been working on updates that can help athletes show themselves more. We have been thinking how to differentiate from Facebook and Instagram and what could the the features athletes need. Features, that help athletes promote themselves and their sponsors or supporters. Here is list of updates: Athletes can Read more about Update! New Features and More[…]