Why should you use Sportlio as your athlete profile page instead of Facebook?


In this article we explain why someone should use Sportlio as their sports profile and what are the advantages over Facebook athlete page with three main differences. We do not suggest that you should entirely stop using Facebook. Instead we hope that athletes use all possibilities to show themselves and that way can get more sponsorship deals.

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Difference #1 – Posting information to your profile

We all want to get more “likes” to our posts and pages in Facebook, but do they really matter and help you to get support for your career as an athlete ? Well, sort of. They are some kind of indicator about how many people are taking notice of your activities. But in reality, Facebook posting and “liking” system is really complex. When you post something, then only minor % of your followers can see that post in their news feed (mainly those, who have previously shown some interaction with your posts) and when they start to comment or “like” this post, it is shown to other followers as well. Now, can you see how this system is blocking information?

And let us ask another question: “When was the last time you visited the Facebook page of an athlete you follow just to see what he was up to?”. We bet you don’t do that very often because you rely on your news feed to show these posts.

In Sportlio, information distribution is not restricted by any system. Instead we are encouraging people to visit athlete profiles to see new and old posts. This way you can get profile views even if you are not posting new stuff every week to your profile. We make your profile and information matter, not only how often you post.

But if you still prefer Facebook over Sportlio because of “likes” and comments you get, then do not worry. In Sportlio you can link your profile with Facebook or Twitter and all your posts will be copied to the marked webpage!

post to fb

When making a new post, you can choose where you want your post to be copied

Difference #2 – Showing information in your profile

There is remarkable difference in showing information between Sportlio and Facebook. Facebook profile page is not optimized to show you as an athlete from every aspect, especially your sponsors and results. But isn’t your results the most important information about your athletic career and your sponsors vital for your activities? Of course they are! And we find this illogical that if you are looking for support, but don’t have a proper way to show your sponsors, then what are you offering to a potential sponsor? Yes, we know. You can always offer them their logo on your t-shirt, but you are more likely to attract new sponsors if you have more places to show them (for more information read our previous article – “Why showing yourself (online) as an athlete matters?“).become a sponsor

Tip – did you know that sponsors can contact you through your Sportlio profile using the “Become a sponsor” button?

Difference #3 – Specialization matters

Like we said previously, Facebook is big and full of irrelevant information that causes users to hastily scroll through their news feed. This also encourages users to “scroll-and-like”. I have done it and most likely you have done it too. That means “liking” some post even without reading it all the way through or just butting “like”, because of naah, why not.

In Sportlio we want to make sure that athletes know how many true fans they have. That is why it is required to sign up for a “fan account” if you want to become an athletes’ fan. This shows that fans are willing to make a little effort.


True fans create fan profile

If you look at big picture, then we have lots of awesome social media webpages like Instagram, that focus on one thing and do it extremely well. So do we! We are focused on showing athletes and giving a complete overview of athlete’s career related information and about his other social media profiles usage. Using other social media sites is a good sign for a potential sponsor. It shows that you are actively marketing yourself and you can be helpful spreading information about the sponsor’s products or services.

To sum up, Sportlio gives an athlete the best way to add information about his athletic career and display it compactly without any disruptive information. Combining Sportlio with other social media webpages (like Facebook) gives you as an athlete the best possible chance for getting attention from sponsors!

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