Update! New Features and More

For a several months our team has been working on updates that can help athletes show themselves more. We have been thinking how to differentiate from Facebook and Instagram and what could the the features athletes need. Features, that help athletes promote themselves and their sponsors or supporters.

Here is list of updates:

  1. Athletes can add gear they use
  2. Athletes can create photo gallery
  3. Fan system changed to Follow
  4. Limited content for nonusers
  5. Added joined companies logos to followers update email
  6. Minor design updates

1.Athletes can add gear they use

Few months ago we launched new feature that made possible for athletes to promote products or services by advertising them in their profile. We have expanding the products showing idea and now athletes can show gear they use in their profile. Gear is located right side of profile in desktop view and in mobile view it is at the bottom of profile.

Add new gear - new feature

This is how gear will be displayed on athlete profile

2.Athletes can create photo gallery

We also wanted to create athletes way to show themselves through pictures without creating picture posts. So now athletes can create gallery and add there the best pictures showing them in action. These pictures can be for the press, from best moments in your career or any other occasion athletes thinks is worth showing to others. Gallery location is different in desktop and mobile view. In desktop gallery is located right side of profile and in mobile view it is on top of profile (after recommended products/services and before posts).

Add new gallery picture - new feature

Gallery pictures will be shown like that          This is how gallery will look on athlete profile

3.Fan system no changed to Follow

The fan system was working but it didn’t manage to bring new fans to athletes as well as our team thought so changes were needed here as well. We have changed the fan system to follow/notification system. That means athletes now have Followers instead of Fans and update email does not have updates in it. It will just notify follower if athletes has updated the profile and tells what kind of update it is. To view update you will need to visit athlete profile. Link to athlete profile is included.

    • Fans are now named Followers
    • Update email does not include updates. It will just tell if athlete has update and what type the update it is

Start following athlete

4.Limited content for nonusers

So far you could enjoy all the content we and athletes provided without need to register user. We had to change that and a little bit to make registering as user worth it. Registering as a fan did only enable you to follow athletes and receive fan update emails (and create athlete profile of course). But now there are limits to the content only users can access.

    • Nonusers can’t read athlete full posts (if posts is longer than 150 words)
    • Nonusers can’t apply for sponsorship (if company accepts new applications)

Long posts are limited for nonusers

Nonusers can't see other posts

5.Added joined companies logos to followers update email 

We have added joined companies logos to followers update email. This will give companies more exposure and we want to show these companies more because they are sports friendly. Logos are displayed bottom of the email.

Sports friendly companies

6.Minor design updates

We added some minor design updates. But mainly athlete and company profile is now 1080px wide (instead of 960px). That will leave some more space for gallery pictures and gear. This also means cover picture measures are now 381x1080px (340x960px).

That is it for this update. If you wish to create yourself athlete profile, then click here. It is free and you can only benefit from registering. For example you can contact sports friendly companies and apply for sponsorship. These companies might become your first sponsors!