Top10 Most Visited Athletes – March

Most visited athletes list in Sportlio

Hi! Another month has passed and here are most popular athletes in March! If you haven’t seen February list of most popular athletes, then click here.

  1. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) –
  2. Katrin Zaitseva (triathlon) –
  3. Riho Kirsipuu (long distance running) –
  4. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor (400mH) –
  5. Silja Jürs (long distance running) –
  6. Geeta Chouhan (wheelchair basketball/tennis) –
  7. Stefan Sorokin (freestyle skiing) –
  8. Kreete Verlin (100mh) –
  9. Christin-Amani Kiivikas (bikini-fitness) –
  10. Karl Erik Rabakukk (cross-country skiing) –

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