Top10 Most Visited Athletes – February

Hello there and welcome to top10 list! So competition season is almost over and unfortunately track&field World Championships were delayed. It is because of the corona virus threat. So that was a bummer for lot of athletes. Anyway onward with the top10 list. If you haven’t seen January list, click here to view. We are excited to see two table tennis players in top 3 and also first time ever strongman athlete is represented in this list. Good job! But here are most visited athletes in February:

  1. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) – #TeamSportlio
  2. Sofia Geroiskaja (table tennis) –
  3. Cherry Le (table tennis) –
  4. Silja Jürs (long distance running) –
  5. Katrin Zaitseva (triathlon) – #TeamSportlio
  6. Kevin Vaborg (triathlon) –
  7. Kreete Verlin (100mh) –
  8. Christin-Amani Kiivikas (bikini-fitness) –
  9. Tamim Adnan (basketball) –
  10. Joel Coveney (strongman) –

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