Top 10 profiles – August


Summer has gone so quickly and lots of athletes have few competitions left in this season. Most visited athlete was “Jack” who has had somewhat difficult season because of some struggles. His last competition was Summer Universiade in Taipei that didn’t go as well as he hoped. Second place managed to get newcomer Jonathan who is soccer player in USA. Third most visited athlete in August was Jürgen’s who has written about his competitions very well.

  1. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 400mH
  2. Jonathan Espana – soccer
  3. Jürgen Külm – long distance running
  4. Kertu Laak –  pro volleyball
  5. Kreete Verlin – 100mH
  6. Eleri Etverk – triathlon
  7. Janek Õiglane – decathlon
  8. Samuli Eriksson – high jump
  9. Marti Medar – long distance running
  10. Risto – decathlon