Top 10 Most Visited Athletes – September

Hi! Summer has gone so fast and autumn is now taking over. For many athletes that marks the end of competition season and start of training season. This means long, painful and tough trainings until next season.

But now to the most visited athletes list in September. Jürgen has got again 1st place and is most visited athlete! On 2nd place we find pro volleyball player Kertu, who did write some very long posts about her life in Italy and these post caught an eye of many sports fans. On 3rd place we find triathlete Katrin who finally managed to have a good competition and got 26th place at the U23 European Championships.

  1. Jürgen Külm (long distance running) – #TeamSportlio
  2. Kertu Laak (volleyball) –
  3. Katrin Zaitseva (triathlon) – #TeamSportlio
  4. Matz Topkin (swimming) –
  5. Silja Jürs (long-distance running) –
  6. Cevin Anders Siim (swimming) –
  7. Keven Escamilla (cycling) –
  8. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor (400mH) –
  9. Eva Peake (football) –
  10. Riho Kirsipuu (long distance running) –


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