Sportlio Statistics 2018

Here is some statistics about Sportlio website. Last year we had 155 000 visitors who were interested about what athletes are doing. That is amazing and we are happy for this results. Starting from 2014 we have managed to get 7500 registered users and from that 4728 has made athlete profile. So we will see 5000 registered athletes very soon on our site. All the users so far have posted almost 9000 results and added 670 sponsors. In the graphs we have included 2017 also for comparison.

At the moment, we have 4 athletes we support: Jürgen Külm, Katrin Zaitseva, Kätlin Tõllasson ja Annemarii Bendi.

Most visited profiles in 2018

Few days ago we summed up athletes, who were most visited in our page. Take a look at the 10 most visited profiles in 2018!

If you think that you could use Sportlio and create yourself a neat profile that you can share and use to show yourself, then go ahead and create one. It is FREE!