Sportlio 2017 statistics – users and visits

It is time to recap 2017 in Sportlio!

2017 was busy year in Sportlio. Around 70% of our users are not estonians and this is good news for us. That means athletes and fans around the world like our page and create profiles! So thank you all for using Sportlio and being part of our web platform!

We know how hard is to find sponsors for a future pro athlete like YOU. That is why we have started to support 2 athletes on our own – Jürgen Külm and Eleri Etverk. You can visit their profiles – and

This year we have made big step forward and created Sportlio web shop with the most necessary items for young athlete. You can find there training clothes, food supplements and training equipment. Check it out –

Sportlio 2017 statistics


Results and sponsors

Congratulations to all athletes, who have added sponsors. We have 580 sponsors added to athlete profiles!!!

Most visited profiles in 2017

We have listed most visited profiles in 2017 in our previous post. But who missed it –

Create your own athlete profile

You can create your free account here – We have created short video about how easy it is to create your athlete profile. You can watch video here – to create profile

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