Sportlio 101 – how to get your first Fans and profile views

You have set up your profile and want to get new Sponsors? Well, first you have to make your profile visible and get some Fans to start with. Here are top tips for you:


  1. If you are using other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, add your Sportlio profile link to description. It is proven, that this gets your profile somewhat 30% more views.
  2. At first 2 months you need to share your profile everytime you update it in other social media sites. This is for potential Fans, Sponsors and sports enthusiasts to see you and get used to your blogging. This is when you make yourself truly visible and stand out from others who don´t advertise their sports career. Later you do this occasionally when you feel so.
  3. Ask your parents, friends or BF/GF to become your Fan. This way you get nice start and your profile looks already more interesting.
  4. The rule is – the more you post to Sportlio, the more views you get. That´s it!
  5. If you have Sponsors, definitely show them in your profile. It gives your profile a complete look.

And finally – don´t be tight, become Fan of other athletes too.

Remember that companies want to make profit from you and you have to advertise them. For our relief Internet was invented, advertising moved online and now – every click costs. Get those clicks to be on your profile and sell yourself to companies. 

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