Questions to professional karate athlete Tanel Paabo


Tanel Paabo is a professional athlete. He is on top of the game with several World and European championship medals (check out his results here). We asked him some questions about his trainings so you could get a better picture of the professional karate athlete.


Why you like doing karate?
The most important thing to all the fighters is that it is not just sports, it´s a lifestyle that will always carry on and on in your life. It doesn’t matter when you will stop competiting as a top athlete, you will have it with you always and everywhere. Karate is about thinking, it’s not throwing punches or kicks somewhere and not even reaching there, karate is about defeating your opponet using their own mistakes.

How much do you train in a week?
I used to train 12 to 15 times per week when I was studing in the private sports gymnasium (Audentes). But now I have do go to work, study at university (Estonian Business School) and train after that. I give my best to go to the dojo and train as hard and as much as I can, basically 5 to 6 times in a week.

How does your most typical training look like?
It depends. I don’t train like others – I have my own programmes. I train MMA, judo and wrestling at the same time while I do karate, but just different times to complete myself. On the other hand I have physical and explosive preparations and strenght preparations at gym but everything has to be calculated exactly with the right amount and at the right time so I can get and keep myself fit for the championships.

We have a medium size dojo where we can use different styles of warm up. Sometimes we just run while stretching every single muscle in our body through different jogging exercises and mixed martial arts exercises, sometimes we play ball and sometimes we use tennisball games for coordinational warm up. After the warm up we put on our protections and start doing technique and tactical training all together or individually. Every time we try to replicate different competition situations and try them out with one or more partners to make it more difficult. After the training main part we take our time off with stretching individually and doing some core exercises to keep our muscles fit all the time.


Tanel Paabo´s SPONSORS

How do you know if you are in a good shape to compete?
We don’t have any special power or speed tests – it comes by itself. If you have been fighting for more that 10 years it’s in your blood and you just know if are you ready or not. You feel that your body is open, flexible, fast, explosive and your mind is just working like it has to – that means you are ready.

Where do you think athletes’ money should come from?
For me, it is a bit complicated situation. After all these long long years of competing, swetting, blood, tears and pain me and my parents were dying to find some sponsors to support me with competitions expenses. It was like 3 to 4 years without any success of finding supporters because karate isn’t very popular sports, even when your face is well known in (social)media. But now things are different and we have managed to find some sponsors. I got my name spread out to many people and I am still working to get my name more value. We don’t get any support from the goverment for competing in tournaments or from the athletic association. It’s sad but true.

What do you think of Sportlio?
It’s a good place for athletes to promote themselves, but to be honest when they don’t find a way how to help the best ones out, it just becomes another website where you can write your contacts etc. So there is something that Sportlio should think of – picking the best ones out and helping them to get financially better. It is my opinion, but I think that all the other young athletes who are trying to get to the top of the world think the same as I do.

Sportlio team: If you have Sportlio profile page and want to have sponsors, then write us and we will help you out. Our team will guide you through and give you pointers. It is not that hard if you are willing to put in some effort and work.

Visit Tanel´s profile to see his results, sponsors and more – He is young and has many fascinating fights to come so keep an eye on him! We do!


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