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Andres Viksi – 7 questions

Andres is Estonian weightlifter who is soon going to compete in World Championships. Competition is held in USA, Houston 20-29th November. We asked Andres 7 questions about his trainings. Visit Andres in Sportlio – http://sportlio.com/andres-viksi/ 1.How your season has been? My season has been great. It started in May, when I began with base strength Read more about Andres Viksi – 7 questions[…]

Cooperation with Tradehouse

We are happy to announce cooperation with Tradehouse! Tradehouse is Estonian biggest online beauty store and they are supporting sports again – big time! This is third time Tradehouse buts 20 000€ scholarship for athletes to pursue. Last year it was divided by 5 athletes – Rasmus Mägi, Grit Šadeiko, Julia Beljajeva, Erika Kirpu and Read more about Cooperation with Tradehouse[…]

Foam rolling – an every athlete must do?

Hi, We asked Taavi from Fysioviis to comment foam rolling. Base of his comment is article “Foam rolling and self-myofascial release” which is found here. But first, what is foam rolling? Foam rolling is very popular and we see lots of athletes of all level using it. Also, it is most popular form of self-myofascial Read more about Foam rolling – an every athlete must do?[…]

Sportlio 101 – how to get your first Fans and profile views

You have set up your profile and want to get new Sponsors? Well, first you have to make your profile visible and get some Fans to start with. Here are top tips for you: If you are using other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, add your Sportlio profile link to description. It Read more about Sportlio 101 – how to get your first Fans and profile views[…]