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Why should you use Sportlio as your athlete profile page instead of Facebook?

Hi, In this article we explain why someone should use Sportlio as their sports profile and what are the advantages over Facebook athlete page with three main differences. We do not suggest that you should entirely stop using Facebook. Instead we hope that athletes use all possibilities to show themselves and that way can get more sponsorship Read more about Why should you use Sportlio as your athlete profile page instead of Facebook?[…]

Questions to professional karate athlete Tanel Paabo

Hi, Tanel Paabo is a professional athlete. He is on top of the game with several World and European championship medals (check out his results here). We asked him some questions about his trainings so you could get a better picture of the professional karate athlete. Why you like doing karate? The most important thing to Read more about Questions to professional karate athlete Tanel Paabo[…]

How to get sponsors using Sportlio?

Hi, Sportlio is a professional social media tool, that helps athletes show their athletic career from every aspect – results, pictures, videos, articles, sponsors and use of other social media webpages. This gives an overview of athlete’s activities and makes it easier to support the athletes. This information is both interesting to fans and useful Read more about How to get sponsors using Sportlio?[…]

Sportlio most popular athletes in 2015

Hi, Last year was awesome. We added many new events and therefore Sportlio users got a chance to follow some really awesome athletes. So, we decided to make a list of athletes who got the most profile views during the last year and which athletes were featured most frequently in our monthly Top 10 lists. Most visited Read more about Sportlio most popular athletes in 2015[…]

Why showing yourself as an athlete matters?

We think that athletes should be more active and show themselves. It is good for sport, sponsors and for YOU (athlete). We have talked to lots of companies, associations and athletes. Here is why showing yourself matters. If you like to train “hidden” and only display your sponsor’s logo on your t-shirt, then no one is Read more about Why showing yourself as an athlete matters?[…]

Top 10 athletes – November

Hi, This month we have new awesome athletes in our top 10 in addition to track&field and swimming athletes. So here is list of most visited athletes in November: Mikk Meerents – 357 Hendrik Kalme – 318(NEW) Õilme Võro – 313 Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 200 Erika Kirpu – 195(NEW) Taavi Merisalu – 179(NEW) Pjotr Degtjarjov Read more about Top 10 athletes – November[…]

Variety of athletes

Hi, Sportlio has been busy adding new events. Athletes have now opportunity to choose from almost 200 different events! Here are some examples: Lauri Sild (Orienteering)  – http://sportlio.com/lauri-sild/ Edvin-Erik Kibus (K-1) – http://sportlio.com/edvin-erik-kibus/ Peep Reinart (Classic bodybuilding) – http://sportlio.com/peep-reinart/ Denis Grabe (Pool) – http://sportlio.com/denis-grabe/ Helary Mägisalu (Greco-Roman wrestling) – http://sportlio.com/helary-magisalu/ Ingrid Puusta (Sailing) – http://sportlio.com/ingrid-puusta/ Read more about Variety of athletes[…]