Marti vs Guinness World Record

We are proud to present Marti who is trying to break Guinness World Record this weekend in Tallinn. He is going to run whole marathon while dribbling a basketball. Current record is 3hr 11m 26s and owned by Jerry Knox. We asked Marti some questions about record attempt. Enjoy and come cheer for him! Marti have had 2 previous attempts that did not go as planned.


Why marathon while bouncing basketball?

I chose to do this event because marathon is a very long distance and it could get a little-bit boring at times, but with a basketball in my hands, I have an opportunity to do something great which is the record and it would be entertaining for the people watching the race. I am only 19 years old and in 20 years when I will be 40, I can still go out there and run a good time in marathon, because its based on stamina.

Why is it harden than just running marathon? How much harder does it make, what could happen besides just running marathon?

It`s definitely harder to run a marathon while dribbling a basketball because my hands have to dribble the ball and I can`t use my hands to give me momentum and push to go forward. In my opinion, it really isn`t a problem until you get leg cramps, because then I have to slow the pace down and I realize how hard it actually is.

How have you prepared to this event and what your friends/family think about that?

I have prepared for this upcoming event really well, because I have trained a lot and I feel really good where I am right now. Thanks to multiple sponsors (Eqology, Sprite Tänavakorvpall, Diadora, Arcotransport, Sauberhaus, Treeningpartner), I have had good nutrition and also fast recovery from hard trainings. My family and friends have been extremely supportive and hyped up, because they know how much this means to me and that makes me feel more and more confident.

What impels you to own Guinness word record? Why do you want to write your name to record book?

This event is a big challenge and I think that is the main reason why I am determined and hungry after this record. First 2 years have gone terribly wrong for me and I want to make the result that I think is capable for me which is breaking the record. I want to brake the Guinness World Record because I want to show people how versatile I am and of course, it would be a huge achievement for me.

If there would be option to choose whatever record attempt, what would that be? (eg running with one shoe only or longest time jumping on 1 leg)

Its hard to think about one particular option, but it has to include something with running, chess and basketball, because these are the sports that I am connected to and I am pretty sure that no one has the hobbies like I do. For example: Running a distance while dribbling a basketball and playing chess with a friend in my head, haha:D

Is there any bonus or reward, when you do the new record?

I know that if I brake the record, I will get a money bonus and who knows what else, but I am concentrating on getting myself mentally and physically ready for that hard challenge and whatever happens, happens. I just hope that 3rd time`s the charm.

When you get tired and spectators start cheering for, what cheers would you like to hear?

I want people to support me any way as possible during the competition, because what ever the circumstances are, it will help me big time to overcome the obstacles that I am facing and hopefully I can please people by breaking the Guinness World Record for fastest marathon run while dribbling a basketball.


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