Marti Medar – the good and bad about barefoot running

We asked Marti Medar, a young successful long distance runner what he thinks about barefoot running. First we asked Marti to read article how running shoes affect how we land on our foot (article is found here). Here are Marti thoughts about running barefoot and what he recommends.


The good and bad of running barefoot

Running is the most natural way of moving, because you can do it any time and everywhere by using all kinds of shoes (sneakers, sandals, rubber boots, etc), but there are also people who prefer running or training barefoot. Even though running barefoot is not the most natural and typical style of running for me, I have been in contact with it less and based on that, I will give my own opinion.

Running barefoot is a very common theme among the runners because there are people who claim that running without shoes is the best and most effective way by improving your running step and the strength of the rim, but there are also ones who claim that training in sneakers is the best way to avoid injuries and help you support your legs. I think that every person has developed his or her own running step and according to that everyone can know what kind of sneaker fits them the most and helps them achieve their goals.

I don`t recommend running barefoot so much because it has not been scientifically proven useful and because of that injuries are most likely to come (the achilles tendon, stress fractures, etc). I have been running and recommend running barefoot sprints on the lawn of the stadium and also either in the sea water or in the swimming pool where one leg is raised to knee height. From there you get the proper training and it also keeps your legs okay. People are different and because of that we can`t say if one person likes to run barefoot and using low step, it will suit everybody.

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