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Most visited ahtlete in June was Kreete, so we asked her to describe her trainings for you to read. She is young and talanted, so definitely worth to track her latest results! If you like her, become a Fan and get notifications to email!


I have been doing track and field almost for seven years now and I still go to the next training with a smile on my face and with a positive mood. But how does my common training usually look like between competition season?

The most frustrating trainings take place in autumn, because then we start preparing for winter competitons. Usually we try to train outside as long as possible, because fresh air is good for everyone. When I think about autumn trainings, first thing that comes to my mind are Saturday morning jumptrainings in Pirita forest. These trainings exhausts me the most, but I love that feeling! In autumn schoolbrake, we usually train in Pärnu, in camp Jõulumäe. In my opinion, the usual volume of training is doubled there. In middle of October we start moving inside and in the end of November coach lets us put on spikes for quicker running.

Oh, spring! Not my favorite time for training but because of my fantastic allergologist, who has always supplied me with the best medicine against my allergies, I’ve managed to train pretty good. Also in Spring, we train with avarage volume and start to train outside again. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about that season are step jumps and training rubber bands for strenghtening our legs. Usually in Spring, it feels like the time just flyes by and Summer season starts again.

Summer and winter are always full of competitions. Almost on every week from December to February and end of May till August I have some competition to participate. That´s why on this period I practice weekly almost 10 hours less than in autumn or spring. But as my coach says, that one competition is for 10 trainings. Usually one day before competition I rest and one week before I take it easy and to some exercises with weights.

Most usual practise looks like this:

  • warm up
    • 5 minutes jogging
    • proper stretching – 10-15 minutes
    • running exercises – 6-7x
    • warm up sprints from standing position – 2-3x with shoes or barefoot
    • warm up sprints from standing position – 1-3x with spikes
  • specific training
    • hurdles or sprint,
    • some body exercises
    • little bit of weight training
    • 200m with 70% speed
  • Streching and massage with body roller


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