Katrin Zaitseva signed sponsirship contract with Sportlio

We have great news! Katrin Zaitseva is now part of Sportlio team!

She is 3rd athlete to sign sponsorship contract with Sportlio. Lets get to know Katrin (21) a little bit more now (www.sportlio.com/katrin-zaitseva).

She is former swimmer but a year or so ago she has decided to start train as triathlete. When she was 13 years old she started to take swimming more seriously and made it to the top of Estonian leaderboard. She has won lots of medals, to be more precise 153 medals! Wow, I know! But as she was spending countless hours in swimming pool she also liked running and wanted to try triathlon. The first opportunity to compete in the triathlon opened in the summer of 2015. She won gold medal in junior class that summer! Awesome!

Visit Katrin, become a fan and be part of her road to professional athlete – www.sportlio.com/katrin-zaitseva

Here is what Katrin is saying about us:

“Sportlio is a blog format where every athlete can take the floor by sharing everything he/she wants. The whole system is built simply and logically, where all the fans can easily see your results and development. I love this blog platform and definitely recommend every young athlete to decide for it because today it is crucial to be in the picture, so that even your most distant fans, supporters, and sponsors can always keep up to date with your actions!”

Good luck to Katrin and her road to becoming professional athlete!