Jürgen Külm signed sponsorship contract with Sportlio

We are very happy to start supporting new athlete – Jürgen Külm (19). He is second athlete so far Sportlio has started to sponsor. Sponsorship agreement was made for 1 year.

Jürgen has been active athlete in Sportlio and has caught a lot of attention using his athlete profile – www.sportlio.com/jurgen-kulm. He has shown attitude towards presenting sponsors and he is posting about his cooking (healthy and natural). So if you wish to get some ideas what healthy you could cook then Jürgen is your guy. He is also posting how the meal was made so that is handy. To get notifications to your email whenever Jürgen adds new post or result just become his fan! Lot of users have said that it is one of the most useful tools in Sportlio. It saves time and you can keep updated with all athletes you follow. Try it yourself!

Jürgen started his career as a voleyball player but found his way to track and field many years ago. His moto is to eat healthy, sleep long and train hard! He believes that hard work beats talent. His idols are Mo Farah, Isaiah Thomas, David Rudisha and Scott Jurek.

Here you go, this is pro runner Jürgen! Good luck!