Jürgen Külm – a chatty runner

Last month Jürgen Külm joined Sportlio and at the end of April, he was most visited athlete in Sportlio. Here is a little story about Jürgen.

Jürgen is a 19 year old runner from Võru, who has been assosciated with sports since he was a little boy. He has a versatile backround. Jürgen has played volleyball for 5 years and has practised running almost two years now. He is also a nutrition specialist and a great chef. When you need any advice, what you should or should not eat Jürgen is the right guy to ask advice from. His love for fruits and vegetabels can help you live a healthier life. His prime goal at the moment is long distance running, which he is addicted to and he hopes to be one of the best long distrance runners in Estonia in future.

Even though Jürgen has been running only for two years, he has achieved some noticable results: in Rakvere Night Run 21.1km 6th place (2016), Võrumaa pikamaajooksusari(Long distance runnig series) overall 3rd place (2016). Everyone has seen this young man running around in Võru. His idols are Mo Farah and Scott Jurek. „They have given me that extra boost a young athlete needs“ has Jürgen once said. Furthermore, family is really important for Jürgen. Ad Sheep, Võru Tantsukool and A&T SPORT are all connected with Jürgen´s family members and have helped Jürgen a lot.

Jürgen is known for his love and big interest in sports. His decision to join Sportlio team was one of the best decisions he has made. He wants to help Sportlio as much as he can and make it more popular. Overall Jürgen is chatty,  purposeful, conscientious, good-natured. He always gives more than 100%.

Jürgen athlete profile – www.sportlio.com/jurgen-kulm