Eleri Etverk signed sponsorship contract with Sportlio

Sportlio signed first ever sponsorship contract! We have decided to sponsor professional triathlete Eleri Etverk (19). Sponsorship agreement was made for 1 year. Eleri has been active athlete in Sportlio and has shown good results this year. She will be keeping you all updated with her career through Sportlio profile – www.sportlio.com/eleri-etverk. If you wish to get notifications to your email whenever Eleri adds new post or result become her fan! Lot of users have said that it is one of the most useful tools in Sportlio. It saves time and you can keep updated with all athletes you follow. Try it yourself!

Eleri is young talented triathlete from Rakvere (Estonia). She first went to training when she was 7 years old. At the age of 13 she was guided to try out triathlon and has been training and competing ever since.

We hope Eleri will have awesome year and we wish her all the best!

(Picture was taken in the awesome TSG stadium)