5 questions about you that sponsors ask

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Companies usually don’t give out sponsorship easily and before they decide to give you any support they want to know you a little better. This depends on the amount of sponsorship but generally remains the same. So here are some points that companies may ask from you or search information online by themselves.

  1. Is he/she really motivated to train hard – does this reflect on his/her activities?
  2. Is he/she willing to work for that sponsorship – will he/she cooperate with us?
  3. Is he/she a good influence for others to follow – can he/she damage our reputation?
  4. Is he/she marketing material – can we use him/her in our marketing campaign?
  5. Is he/she using social media sites actively – how many followers does he/she have?

A lot of these questions can be answered by looking your social media profiles and posts – pictures, videos etc. So our tip for you is to make yourself good marketing material before you contact any sponsor. Make sure you haven’t posted anything that could insult others and also make sure your social media profiles are up to date with latest information. If you haven’t posted for a long time, then it is time to make new post or blog entry.

We hope Sportlio profile helps you to market yourself better! If you don’t have profile, then it is free and you can create one here – http://sportlio.com/register/

We have also made easier for companies to manage their sponsorship application by creating “Apply for sponsorship” form to their profile. If you want to contact company that is not in Sportlio, then you can take this form as an example.


Sportlio team