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Strategy that makes makes you perform better!

Did you know that some people might see exercise as easier or more difficult than others? Social psychologist Emily Balcetis has found 2 factors that influence this – vision and motivation. Using her strategy you can improve your performance!

She looked at people’s hip-to-waist circumference ratio – an objective assessment of people’s fitness. She then tested them in a race to a finish line while carrying weights, and beforehand each participant was asked to estimate how far away the finish line was. The results supported her idea: people who were fitter perceived the race as shorter than those who weren’t.

She followed up with a similar test on people’s motivation: those who had few fitness goals (unmotivated) vs those who were still striving. For those who were unmotivated, the results were similar to before; the fittest people saw the distance as shorter than the unfit. For the motivated group, they saw the opposite: fitter people saw the distance as further. People’s motivation and fitness were both influencing their perception of the difficulty of a physical challenge.

Emily wanted to see if we can learn anything from this – to improve our motivation or fitness by perceiving things differently. The strategy she suggests is “Keep your eye on the prize”. People have to stay focused on the finish line, look at it in the center of their vision and avoid looking elsewhere. When she retested, people adopting this strategy saw the finish as 30% closer than those who didn’t. She made the challenge more difficult by adding more weights (15% of their body weight), and afterwards the “eye on prize” people reported it was 17% easier than the control group. They also moved 23% faster. This is a simple, free strategy that makes exercise easier, and makes people perform better.


Top 10 profiles – May


Summer is starting and with that many athletes have their first competitions of season. Good luck out there! Here are most visited profiles in April.

As you can see that May was dominated by runners 🙂

  1. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 400mH
  2. Jürgen Külm – long distance running
  3. Marti Medar – long distance running
  4. Kreete Verlin – 100mH
  5. Erik Jagor – 400mH
  6. Mate Mišković – 100m/200m
  7. Maarja Kalev – 100m/200m
  8. Ankita – long distance running
  9. Jan Jakobson – motocross
  10. Kertu Laak – volleyball

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