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Hamsting injury prevention

Hamstring injury is very common injury along with athletes who need to be fast. Hamstring is a muscle group located at the back of your tight. In many times reason behind pulled hamstring is imbalance between hamstrings and the quadriceps. Reugular strengthening helps you to prevent it and also makes you faster. You should to 2-3 times a week one of the strengthening exercises show in the video. 

Here are great exercises to strengthen your hamstrings:

Articles to get more information about hamstring related information:

Top 10 profiles – January

Here are most visited profiles in January. We can see here already familiar names from last years most popular profiles. Incase you missed that post you can find the link at the end of this post.

A friendly tip – if you want to quickly see athlete profile then click on the name!

  1. Kertu Laak – volleyball
  2. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – track&field (400mH)
  3. Kaur Kaelep – fitness
  4. Maarja Kalev – track&field (100m)
  5. Kreete Verlin – track&field (100mH)
  6. Erik Jagor – track&field (400mH)
  7. Marti Medar – track&field (long distance running)
  8. Kevin Vabaorg – triathlon
  9. Jan Jakobson – motocross
  10. Ryan Ashcroft – cycling

If you are also thinking of creating your profile then here is link to registration –

2016 most popular profiles –