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Introducing companies

We have quite a few companies joined. We thought, we could write about these sports friendly companies and engourage you to contact them. 

Vibram Fivefingers Estonia is official distributor of Vibram shoes in Baltic region. They sell innovative shoes that follow the “bare foot” concept. They are athlete friendly company so if you have good plan, you should definately contact them. 


Fitshop is one of the biggest food supplement reseller in estonia (if not the market leader). They have supported and still support a large amount of athletes. If you want Fitshop support, then you must have active blog, Youtube channel, Facebook account and Instagram profile. It is how much reach you have that matters and also, what are you giving back to sports. 


This company helps to cure injuries and help athletes with other problems too. They are renting laser theraphy machines and this is awesome. You can cure your injuries at home. This is a good way to save time and it isn’t more expensive than going to clinic for treatment. If you have some kind of problem, then contact them and work towards to deal that is beneficial to both sides.


Fysioviis is offering physiotherapy service but they sometimes can be a little bit controversial. If you look at their Facebook page then you can see a lot of interesting studies. But they surely can help you with your problems. The owner is schooling other physiotherapists and we are sure you can find for problems that have bothered you for a long time. 


Medpoint was established in 2013 and has become one of the leading sports medicine suppliers in the estonia. They have a wide range of products and with good prices. If you are a frequent user of sports medicine products, then you should contact them and see if there is any way to cooperate. 


They are a company that value sports. That is why they are sponsoring so many top athletes and are name sponsor for girls volleyball team – TTU/Tradehouse. Beauty and sports go together! 


Ravisport is offering physiotherapy service. They are working with top estonian footballers as well as with regular athletes. They just have made image change and are definately keeping eyes open for interesting athletes. They also cooperate with one of top track & field club in estonia. 


Polsport Eesti is relatively new company established in 2016. But they are already sponsoring top basketball club in estonia – TLU/KALEV. They are very sports friendly.


If you have searched for healthy and natural food supplements then is your answer. They offer several natural supplements and are working with Estonian Weightlifting Association. The idea came from need to have natural food supplements but there weren’t any matching products on the market. 


If you have ever wanted to have sponsors then you can start by contacting one of the above mentioned company. Best way to do that is through their Sportlio profile with “Apply for sponsorship” form. Because then your email goes to the right people with right format. It makes reading sponsorship emails easier for companies if they are organized through the same layout. 

Good luck!

How to avoid ankle sprain

A lot of athletes have had ankle sprain, right. Some of you have it more often than others. If you have had trouble with that then this exercise will help you to avoid it in the future. It is simple and we recommend doing it after trainings when you are resting or watching TV.

We found these exercises online and a lot of pro athletes are doing those (especially team sports players), to avoid further injuries.

These motions strengthen ankle and make it more stable.

How to

  1. Take rubber band and loop it under your foot for more comfort (*picture 1)
  2. Pull band to adjust the strenght
  3. Do a 3 directions – left, down and right 10 repetitions each
  4. Repeat with other foot
  5. 3 times for each leg

If you feel your ankle stronger, then you can do these exercises 2-3 times a week. Day before competiton we recommend doing 30% of the normal load or not doing at all. It is tiring your foot and therefore you may not have the full power in it.

(Google for more results and videos “ankle strengthen exercises”)


*Picture 1



Welcome Ravisport

We are happy to welcome Ravisport to Sportlio. They offer physiotherapy service for everyone. Ravisport was established in 2015 and was previously known as Fysioleht, named after his owner Uku Leht.

Ravisport supported A.Tšikin memorial competition in the beginning of this year. Their physiotherapist is also working with footballers from estonian top club and has worked with top track and field athletes. They are also starting cooperation with one of top track and field club in Tallinn. 

Visit them and take a look –

Being healthy is a choice!

ravisport cover1

Sportlio 2016 statistics


It has been a wonderful year. We have added many new events, met awesome athletes and added companies! We have grown into biggest athlete database in Nordics and Baltics! Thank you all for using Sportlio and being part of our website!

We made a list of most popular athletes throughout the year. If you are in this list, then your profile is worth something and you probably can make this as an argument to sponsor. We are also putting here statistics from Sportlio website, that shows our traffic and how many users have joined.


We got over 100 000 views this year!!! This is amazing for us and we are really happy about it! 
Sportlio stats 2016


How the most popular profile list was made? Well, we gave points according to place in most popular profile list and went through every month. Most popular profile got 10 points, second profile 9 points, …, last profile in top 10 got 1 point. So maximum points for any profile was 120.

views in 2016

Kreete Verlin –

Kertu Laak –

Jaak-Heinrich Jagor –

Maarja Kalev –

Mikk Meerents –

Õilme Võro –

Johanna Maria Kuusemets –

Slobodan Jankovic –

Erik Jagor –

Jan Jakobson –


If you are seeing this and want to create your own profile, then here is the link –


Have a good year and give the best you can do!

Sportlio team


*Source: Google Analytics and Sportlio database

Top 10 profiles – December



Here is list of most popular profiles in December:

  1. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – track&field
  2. Kertu Laak – volleyball
  3. Maarja Kalev – track&field
  4. Erik Jagor – track&field
  5. Mitmevõistlustiim – track&field
  6. Kreete Verlin – track&field
  7. Nick Edwards – rock climbing
  8. Samuli Eriksson – track&field
  9. Ott Kiivikas – bodybuilding
  10. Jan Jakobson – motocross

As you can see, there is also a group page named “Mitmevõistlustiim”. This is a page where you can find Estonian multi-event team members results through out the years.