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Media interprets your comments wrong? Use Sportlio to say what you mean!

MediaHave you ever gave comment to media news and later discovered, that they somewhat twisted what you said and by that changed the meaning of your thought? Or maybe you have heard some other athlete complain about that? This topic also includes when media uses of wrong or old pictures of athlete. That particularly upsets athlete and his sponsors (because athlete may have new sponsors who he now needs to advertise).

Well, what better to do to write your competition or whatever comments by yourself. That way you can be sure, your thoughts are presented as you meant it.

A good example is Estonian athlete Mikk Meerents, who got last minute invitation to Portland World Championships. He wrote to his Sportlio profile, why he didn’t accept the invitation and made everyone clear about this decision. Even media picked it up and used his comment as a reference to an article (click here to view it).

Our advise for athletes is to write comments about competitions and decisions related to your career by yourself. If you have power and tools (Sportlio, FB, Instagram, Twitter) to send messages to your fans, then why hope for media and right interpretation?

Thinking of athletes as a product

Have you ever thought of athlete as a product, that you can sell or buy? Actually there are quite many similarities between and athlete and a product. For example, you can think of fans and sponsors as consumers towards athlete should market himself. The more fans you have, the more attractive you appeal to sponsors. We don’t say, that athlete is only a product, but there are substantial similarities between a product and an athlete. Here are some clear connections:


  1. If you buy product you assume it is worth the money and you get positive emotion. If you choose athlete to cheer, you want to get positive emotion and feeling, that it was worth your time (or money paid for ticket).
  2. If product is defective, you swap it out. If athlete doesn’t have good results, some fans my choose different athlete to cheer.
  3. You have to advertise your product, if you want it to stand out and reach for potential customers. If you want to get sponsors, you have to stand out from the other athletes and show yourself.
  4. If product is well-known, then people are more likely going to buy it. If you show yourself and people start to know you, then sponsors and fans are more likely apple_ceo_steve_jobs_holding_up_the_new_ipad_during_a_product_announcement_in_san_francisco-379x307going to be interested in you.







For conclusion, pretend you are in a supermarket. Your eyes tend to seek towards products you have heard or seen before. You don’t want to buy a product that doesn’t show up in Google search. Same logic goes for athletes. So train, to become better athlete and show your journey there.

*Thanks for Greete from Estonian Swimming Federation and A-tiim. Here is original article.

Top 10 athletes – February


Here are most popular athletes in February. Õilme is 3rd month in a row on top of our leaderboard. Congratulations!

  1. Õilme Võro – 765
  2. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 676
  3. Kevin Aas – 467
  4. Kreete Verlin – 389
  5. Maarja Kalev – 379
  6. Mikk Meerents – 282
  7. Marko Pähklamägi – 157
  8. Franko Reinhold – 154 (NEW)
  9. Kevin Vabaorg – 153 (NEW)
  10. Keyt Muuga – 150

Number indicates athlete profile views during 1 month time period

NEW – stands for new entry compared to previous top 10.