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Day of a Estonian fastest swimmer – Pjotr Degtjarjov

We asked Pjotr to describe his typical day. It is tough but that is how you get better. Hope you all get some inspiration and start thinking about your day. Pjotr

Alarm clock goes off at 06:00am. You always have to stay hydrated so after I wake up I immediately drink water, it also helps you to wake up quicker. Then I put kettle to boil. Quick splash of cold water to the face helps to open the eyes after 8 hours of sleep. Depending on a mood for a breakfast I eat oatmeal with eggs or muesli with curd and honey. The important part of breakfast before practice is to eat slow carbohydrates and protein. Cup of tea goes with every breakfast.

At 06:50am I leave the appartment to head to the pool for the warm up. It takes about 30 minutes to get ready and at 07:30am we jump in the swimming pool. Practice lasts for about one and a half to two hours, depending on how much we swim. Usually in the morning we have harder and longer practices (up to 5km).

When we done with practice we stretch and it’s time for a brunch. Sometimes we go together with a team to grab something to eat. After that there’s time to do personal things. Somewhere at 01:00pm I take a one hour nap.

Since there’s no rush in the afternoon I stay a bit longer in bed after I wake up. When I feel ready I get up and start preparing lunch. At 03:40pm it is time to start moving because at 04:00pm we start with the gym. Proper warm up and we start with the weights. Short stretching, shower and at 05:30pm we are ready to jump in.

Practice ends at 07:00pm. After practice I head home and make dinner. Then it’s time to relax, drink tea and watch TV. When sports news are over, time to go to bed. 10:00pm is just about the time to be munder the blankett and see sweet dreams (about upcoming practice).

Sportlio started cooperation with Estonian Swimming Association

We are happy to announce our cooperation with Estonian Swimming Association (ESA). 

Few weeks ago Sportlio met with Oliver from ESA and discussed possible ways to help each other. Estonian Swimming Association was very interested using Sportlio because we give them opportunity to show their athletes. That way people can read and see what Estonian swimmers are doing and swimmers can find them support.

Here are some of Estonian swimmers to keep an eye on:

And picture with Sportlio CEO Mikk (on the right side) and Oliver.


Marti Medar – the good and bad about barefoot running

We asked Marti Medar, a young successful long distance runner what he thinks about barefoot running. First we asked Marti to read article how running shoes affect how we land on our foot (article is found here). Here are Marti thoughts about running barefoot and what he recommends.


The good and bad of running barefoot

Running is the most natural way of moving, because you can do it any time and everywhere by using all kinds of shoes (sneakers, sandals, rubber boots, etc), but there are also people who prefer running or training barefoot. Even though running barefoot is not the most natural and typical style of running for me, I have been in contact with it less and based on that, I will give my own opinion.

Running barefoot is a very common theme among the runners because there are people who claim that running without shoes is the best and most effective way by improving your running step and the strength of the rim, but there are also ones who claim that training in sneakers is the best way to avoid injuries and help you support your legs. I think that every person has developed his or her own running step and according to that everyone can know what kind of sneaker fits them the most and helps them achieve their goals.

I don`t recommend running barefoot so much because it has not been scientifically proven useful and because of that injuries are most likely to come (the achilles tendon, stress fractures, etc). I have been running and recommend running barefoot sprints on the lawn of the stadium and also either in the sea water or in the swimming pool where one leg is raised to knee height. From there you get the proper training and it also keeps your legs okay. People are different and because of that we can`t say if one person likes to run barefoot and using low step, it will suit everybody.

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Sportlio Top 10 most visited athletes in May


We have first athlete who reached over 600 views and 23 athletes who got more than 100 views this month!

Here are Top 10 most visited athletes in May 2015:

  1. Rain Kask – 631 views
  2. Keiso Pedriks – 421 views (NEW)
  3. Marti Medar – 389 views
  4. Ranno Tasane – 376 views (NEW)
  5. Maarja Kalev – 321 views
  6. Jaak-Heinrich Jagor – 233 views (NEW)
  7. Kreete Verlin – 233 views
  8. Pjotr Degtjarjov – 210 views
  9. Mikk Meerents – 209 views
  10. Meelis Siimson – 202 views

*NEW stands for new in Top 10 this month

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